Surgease Innovations Sustainability Statement

Our mission is to design for a low-carbon future by incorporating more recycled materials into products and reducing
their energy consumption. This approach is critical in reducing the environmental impact of our products throughout
their lifecycle.

During the DFM stage, we evaluate packaging solutions to ensure they can withstand trans-oceanic and air transport
while also being recyclable at the destination. We believe that returning used materials to distant locations for
recycling does not effectively reduce the carbon footprint and is unsustainable from a cost perspective.
When designing products for long-term use in demanding environments, it’s crucial to avoid using structurally inferior
recycled or alternative materials. Such materials can lead to premature failure, necessitating replacements that negate
any environmental benefits. We consider the waste of good components unacceptable and aim to optimise the
remanufacturing process, human effort, and the associated logistics.

For single-use and less demanding applications, we focus on using alternative materials like bioplastics, sustainable
additives, and locally recycled resins. The goal is to reach a point where the cost and utility of these materials match
those of virgin materials, ensuring true sustainability.

Our commitment to sustainable design involves balancing material choices with product longevity and performance. By
carefully considering the environmental impact at every stage of the product lifecycle, we aim to create eco-friendly
and durable products, contributing to a more sustainable future. As an example of this, we have implemented a
reprocessing protocol for our handheld endoscope (LumenEye X1) utilising a high-level disinfection wipe system to
reduce the consumption of water, by over 50L per use, as is standard with automated re-processors for comparable

As a proactive measure to avoid direct emissions, we are applying for ISO 14064 certification to accurately quantify our
current emissions. This will enable us to innovate processes within our facilities and supply chain to effectively reduce
greenhouse gas emissions.

We are dedicated to driving standards in three key areas:

  1. Environment
  2. Social
  3. Governance

Our policy will define the improvements we will implement to excel in these areas.

We are committed to working with suppliers, customers, and employees to reduce our environmental impact by:
  • Product and Service Development: Creating products and services that minimise our environmental footprint.
  • Digital Technologies: Promoting digital solutions to reduce travel, emissions, and our carbon footprint.
  • Waste Management: Effectively managing waste and recycling to minimise landfill contributions, meeting internal scheme targets and obtaining accreditations from recognised bodies.
  • Employee Engagement: Establishing a group-wide employee forum to identify opportunities for positive environmental impact, providing necessary education and training.
We will enhance societal well-being by:
  • Engagement: Allowing employees to participate in local community initiatives during work hours.
  • Charitable Support: Using our platform and resources to support charities aligned with our mission.
  • Local Sourcing: Supporting local economies by employing local people and sourcing goods and services locally.
  • Employee Well-being: Promoting health and well-being, enabling flexible work arrangements for a better worklife balance.
  • Equal Opportunities: Advocating for equal opportunities and promoting initiatives for a fairer society.
  • Training and Development: Investing in employee training and development to enhance career prospects
    within the Group.
  • Fair Compensation: Benchmarking roles and ensuring all employees receive a fair salary.
  • Inclusive culture: Fostering an inclusive and diverse culture where everyone feels safe, with zero tolerance for hate of any kind.
We will aim to maintain the highest level of governance and ethical behaviour through:
  • Transparency: Ensuring timely reporting of financial performance, objectives, and strategies to stakeholders,
    customers, and employees.
  • Anti-Corruption: Adhering to strict policies and procedures to prevent corruption and bribery.

Our commitment to these standards reflects our dedication to creating a sustainable, socially responsible, and ethically
governed business.

Download our Sustainability Statement Here