Our mission is
to save a thousand rectal cancer lives a year by delivering technological innovation and high quality clinical services
Surgease Innovations
Delivering surgical diagnostics & communication platforms to tackle the burden of colorectal disease and cancer globally

Surgease is a UK Medtech company that uses the passion of its surgeons and clinicians to eradicate the misery, embarrassment and tragedy of colorectal disease and rectal cancer through service and product innovation. Recognising one of the leading cause of late rectal cancer diagnosis, Surgease are currently developing a revolutionary point of care cancer diagnostic device which will permit an immediate diagnosis of ano-rectal cancer and significantly reduce the time-delay in cancer patients receiving the right treatment in the right place at the right time. Alongside this, it is creating a communication platform which will truly democratise cancer and rectal disease diagnosis by promoting open dialogue between Western and developing countries to better patient treatment.

Fareed Iqbal
Mr Fareed Iqbal MRCS
CEO and Founder
Colorectal Surgeon in Training
Dr. Fraz Younis
Dr Fraz Younis MRCGP
Clinical Director of Surgease Clinics
General Practitioner
clinic for the treatment of anorectal diseases
General Enquiries: contact@surgease.co.uk
Clinic Enquiries: fraz.younis@surgease.co.uk
Investor / Innovation Enquiries: fareed.iqbal@surgease.co.uk

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