LumenEye X1

New Era In Proctology

Tamer | Saudi Arabia

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Lightweight Design

 Full HD screen

Minimum Reprocessing

Patient & User Comfort

Upright Operation Improves User Experience

Reduced diameter and tapered design sheath
Air delivery through innovative, integrated bellows system
Handle designed for maximum grip with one-handed control
Section No. 1

High Quality Imaging

The LumenEye® X1 is a high-quality handheld digital endoscope, providing Full HD imaging and video, enabling accurate and efficient diagnosis at point of care.

Section No. 2

LumenEye® X1 Endoscope

The intelligent design of the LumenEye X1 allows for a comfortable and efficient scoping and biopsy experience for both the user and patient, all of which can be carried out at point of care.